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Animarium Codex

Animarium Codex

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Magical artifacts are a staple of fantasy worlds. They can empower heroes to perform the impossible or turn the tide against them in the hands of their enemies. An arcane tome could teach dark rituals or words of primordial power, driving a character towards an unexpected path. A divine sword can be the cause of an apocalyptic event or inspire the birth of a new nation.

This supplement is dedicated to magic items and their creation. The first chapter explores the manufacturing process of animariums, magic items powered by spirits. It features a society on the verge of an industrial revolution based on these arcane devices. The second chapter lists 24 new magic items that fit any 5E setting. From the common, everyday objects that embellish fictional storytelling to legendary artifacts that can shape the course of history, this codex has a little something for every adventure.

Lastly, the supplement contains a new playable race - the reclaimed. Part mortal and part spirit, reclaimed are torn between two worlds. Driven to emotional extremes by their spirit, reclaimed are considered eccentric at best and insane at worst. Many of them find it difficult to blend in society, so they choose to travel alone or band with other misfits as adventurers.

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