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Axis of Law

Axis of Law

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Punk stories often involve complicated societies, where being lawful and being good rarely go hand in hand. In the face of corruption, heroes turn to the illegal; They form resistances within the underbelly, fight for the underdog, and oppose the oppressive rule of the government.

This supplement showcases many of the wonders that the city has to offer. Chapter 1, “The City of Wonders”, overviews Selovast and presents information for players and GMs alike. If you remember this chapter from the previous expansion - Brumewatch Academy, you will be pleasantly surprised to see it was expanded. Now it also includes the different wards of the city, including a beautiful new map by Dakota Curry.

Chapter 2, "Axis of Law", features three prominent factions: the Fist of Selovast, the Dust Barons, and the Rising Canary. Each faction has their own agenda, conflicts, NPCs, story seeds, and stat blocks. Together they form a solid foundation for punk storytelling.

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