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Brumewatch Academy

Brumewatch Academy

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The city of Selovast brings the genre of arcane-punk to 5th Edition games. This false utopia may appear charming at first, but it is a façade the city maintains to cover injustice, corruption, and suffering.

This supplement showcases many of the wonders that the city has to offer. Chapter 1, “The City of Wonders”, overviews Selovast and presents information for players and GMs alike.

Chapter 2, “Brumewatch Academy”, takes us into the halls of an arcane academy where wizards and artificers are trained. It provides locations, NPCs, story seeds, and new rules to play the academy’s favorite sport.

The national sport of Selovast puts the city’s strengths on display. With sophisticated automatons and sheer arcane might, Gaterush never fails to challenge its participants and entertain the audience.

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