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Denizens of the Crystal Isthmus

Denizens of the Crystal Isthmus

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"Twas many years ago when two continents became one. We know not how it came to be, but when our ancestors first climbed out of their shelters, it simply was — a titanic bridge of crystal extending beyond the horizon. Twisted plants grew out of its core and strange creatures prowled in its many ravines. We have lived here ever since."

The Crystal Isthmus is a mysterious, magically-rich region in the world of Elanor, but it can be used as a location in any fantasy world. This supplement contains a plethora of content to inspire adventure upon the isthmus.

Chapter 1, “Crystalline Ecology”, explores the ecosystem of the Isthmus. This chapter describes supernatural phenomena, crystals that can store magical energy, and seven native beasts.

Chapter 2, “The Brightstone Clan”, introduces the factions residing upon the isthmus, including a clan of surface dwarves that carve crystals to create music and a cult that promises an escape from one's dark past. Aside from lore and seven original creatures, this chapter includes rules for goat chariot racing.

Chapter 3, “Ruins of Golcrassar”, sheds light on the ruined merfolk city at the center of the isthmus and the terrible curse that still afflicts it. This chapter includes a stat block for Dalkiri, a tyrannical wraith who commands her ghostly subjects to extinguish the life of whoever dares enter her realm.

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