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It's Bigger on the Inside

It's Bigger on the Inside

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“Come! Sit! Be my guests. You will find that dinner is up to the highest standards, and I’ve even provided a show.”

When the adventurers entered the manor of the old mayor they did not expect to fall into another plane of existence. It seems Archmage Lonore was ready for their arrival, and had arranged the finest entertainment... for herself. Can the adventurers survive Lonore’s death trap and capture the mad mage once and for all?

This one-shot adventure is designed for characters of 6th level, and contains plenty of traps, encounters and misdirection.

Adventure Synopsis

Chasing the bounty on a murderous archmage, the characters find themselves plunged into an arcane deathtrap. Their quarry was prepared for their arrival, and had devised entertaining challenges (for herself) in this magnificent mansion demiplane. The characters will fight through various arcane hazards on their path to the inner sanctum of Archmage Lonore.

As they get deeper and near the sanctum, the characters will meet the mage and her mother, possibly learn a bit about the relationship between them. This encounter leads to the final showdown in the archmage’s sanctum, where the orb of reality is located.

The adventure includes a map for every encounter! (Print & VTT versions)

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