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Maeve's Almanac of Spiritual Phenomena

Maeve's Almanac of Spiritual Phenomena

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Maeve’s renown as a master explorer is well-earned: from the spirit-haunted mist enclaves to the soul-draining doldrums, Maeve explored much of the known world and came back to tell the tale.

This supplement explores the environments of fantasy worlds and features five unique phenomena that can fit any 5E game. Aside from new rules and randomization tables that bring the environment to life, the book contains jotted notes written by the esteemed explorer Maeve from the world of Elanor.

Chapter 1, “Ethereal Environments,” features three types of supernatural regions: mist enclaves, memento etherealis, and doldrums.

Chapter 2, “Spiritual Hazards,” presents two types of short-lived phenomena that can appear anywhere in the world: empathy snares and ethereal storms.

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