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"I am sorry child. The world is unfair. You are not like the rest of them. And you never will be."

Sparkless is a 5E adventure set in a world of spirits and filled with exploration, conflict and magic. This adventure is designed for characters of 1st level and should provide enough content for two or three game sessions. In this supplement, you will find everything you need to take your players on a dangerous journey through mist-covered swamps to unearth forgotten knowledge and save a lost child.

The supplement contains 3 encounter maps and 2 dungeon maps. Each map is available in high resolution for print, and a lower resolution perfect for VTT. You can also download each of the maps without a grid and customize it to your liking!

Sparkless contains plenty of new 5E compatible material including: 5 creatures3 magic items1 spell, and a new playable race: The Reclaimed. A new design that lets you keep some of your old race features and get access to new ones!

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