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The Streets Beyond the Veil

The Streets Beyond the Veil

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Where humanoids gather, spirits follow. These ephemeral residents are not recognized by the city council; their names are not found in ledgers or tomes. But regardless, they have developed a society. One that reflects the city’s deepest conflicts and power struggles, but also the desires, hopes, and dreams of its people.

Chapter 1, “The City of Wonders”, overviews Selovast and presents information for players and GMs alike.

Chapter 2, "The Streets Beyond the Veil", features the Ethereal Plane of Selovast and provides additional rules to create adventures set in the spirit realm. It also presents four spirit courts: Court Lyrical, Mourning Court, Court Fortitude, and the Court of the Revered. Each court has its own agenda, leader, domain, and story seeds.

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