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To Mistheart

To Mistheart

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The mists remember everything:
The trials and failures of men,
Our loved ones and those we dread,
Things we cherish or would rather forget,
If you travel deep enough—
All shall be laid bare.

For centuries, the Mistheart lighthouse has guided ships across the treacherous reefs of the Emerald Bay. In the past few weeks, however, it has begun to lead them astray... into a watery grave. The Merchants’ Union is hiring a crew to investigate Mistheart and put an end to this troublesome situation. Will you answer their call?

To Mistheart is a 5E one-shot adventure for characters of 4th level. It takes the characters into a haunted lighthouse at the edge of civilization where they investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the horrifying demise of countless ship crews.

This adventure does not include the gorgeous lighthouse map created by our friends - Heroic Maps. You can get the full map in here, or pick it together with our adventure in a bundle!

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