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Game Mechanics

  • Conduit v0.5

    New Class for 5th edition

    Fuse with spirits to bolster your body and buff your allies!


  • Gaterush

    From Brumewatch Academy

    An epic sport of artifice and arcane might. Try out the ruleset for this 5E minigame.


  • Memento Etherealis

    From Maeve's Almanac

    Bring the world's history to life with this new supernatural region mechanic.


  • Ironbound Species

    From Knights of the Everlast

    Play as automata and unlock new mechanical feats.


Creatures & Magic Items

  • 5 Magic Items

    From the Animarium Codex

    Death howler, goblet of nectar, ring of the shadowgeist, soldier's charm, and the wand of transposing.


  • 6 Spirit Creatures

    From the Ethereal Menagerie Vol. 2

    Animars of contempt, unity, derision, awe, homesickness, and loathing.


  • 2 NPCs

    From Faces of Selovast

    Meet Agata, the Mining Forewoman, and Dezman, the Fist of Selovant Sergeant.


  • 5 Magic Items

    From the Animarium Codex Vol. 2

    Fan of the duchess, lantern of light stealing, rod of uncertain authority, tiara of alacrity, and the unpredictablade.


Factions & Locations

  • Ruins of Golcrassar

    From Denizens of the Crystal Isthmus

    Once a thriving merfolk city, Golcrassar was destroyed when the isthmus rose from the ocean depths.


  • The Veil Knives

    From Guilds of Steel & Spirit

    Members of this spirit-hunting guild specialize in cpaturing or destroying ethereal entities.


  • The Gossamer

    From Halls of Song & Spirit

    This night club combines magic and artifice to produce a spectacular experience.


  • The Selgirs

    From Plains of Storm

    This tribe of wandering air genasi sail the sky on floating islands.


  • Cult of the Sleepless

    From Secret Societies

    The followers of the Sleepless invite the wretched of Selovast to turn their wishes into reality.


  • Court Fortitude

    From the Streets Beyond the Veil

    A society of urban spirits that inspires the people of Selovast to valorous action.


  • Mount Derjost

    From Cloudbite Peaks

    Five challenges await adventurers on the treacherous path to the peak. Should they prove themselves worthy, the great spirit of Derjost will grant them a boon of fortitude.


  • Republic of Shun

    From Souls of Sand

    A faction of desert catfolk that thrives on trade and worships the twin moons.



  • The Wandering Ogre

    From Sunken Memories

    In this short 1st level adventure, the characters help an ogre that has been driven away from his cave by kobolds.


  • The Forgotten Prisoner

    From Pits of Stone and Darkness

    In this short 10th level adventure, the characters delve into an unearthed oubliette that holds an ancient aberration.